30 Years of Ukrainian Egg Parties – Painted Eggs, Party Menu and Paskha

Pysanky -  Artwork by Nanci Yermakoff

Pysanky – Watercolor by My Sister, Nanci Yermakoff, 2000.

Countries steeped in Eastern Orthodoxy celebrate Easter with glorious painted eggs and a traditional Easter buffet feast.

The eggs (pysanky) are quite an art form.  The style of egg-painting is different in each country (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus et. al.), but perhaps the most beautiful are the Ukrainian batik (wax-resist dyed) eggs. Continue reading

Russian Easter “Ham” – Buzhenina



Growing up in a Belarusian family, we always had Russian-style “fresh ham”, or Buzhenina, for Easter.  It didn’t look or taste like most Easter hams, because it was a “fresh ham”.  In which case, was it really a ham??? Continue reading