2012 Smorgasbord Menu — Assembled by Friends of A Global Garnish

Pickled Herring, Eggs, Cucumbers and Beet Salad

Pickled Herring (Inlagd Sill), Eggs, Cucumbers and Beet Salad (Rodbetesalad)

Every year for the past 17 years, my good-hearted friends have allowed me to plan our menu for our year-end progressive dinner. They really are silly about the whole process — each year thanking me profusely for planning the menu and giving out assignments. Don’t they know that this is an ideal situation for me??  Have fun planning a lengthy menu and then give out assignments for everyone else to prepare??  It is second best only to having a commercial kitchen and staff at your beck and call. Continue reading

Copenhagen – Herring, Hygge and Pickled Cucumbers

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Even with pre-travel research, I always find myself vaguely disoriented when I arrive in a new city.   Which way is the center of town?  Where are the things I want to see and do?  How do I get there from here?  I’m sure you know the feeling. Continue reading