Cuban-Style Citrus – Mojo and Mojito (Part 2 of 2)

Mojito Ingredients

Mojito Ingredients

My Mojito in La Bodeguita, My Daiquiri in El Floridita.” … Ernest Hemingway.

La Bodeguita and El Floridita were favorite Ernest Hemingway haunts in Havana.  If you’ve read anything by or about Hemingway, you won’t be surprised that he lingered as regularly as possible in the proximity of his favorite drinks. La Bodeguita was his place for Mojitos.

If you are traveling to Cuba, you too can sample a Mojito a la Hemingway at the La Bodeguita. If you’re not heading to Havana any time soon, you can also find an inviting Mojito at the Columbia Cafe, a Cuban restaurant just outside Ybor City, Tampa, FL.  Staying closer to home? The Mojito recipe below should serve you well.

Columbia Cafe, Tampa, FL

Columbia Cafe, Tampa, FL

Want to round out your Mojito into a meal to suit a summer evening with friends? Try the simple Cuban menu below.  Ahead of time, you’ll need to toss the chicken in the Mojo marinade, start the beans (if making from scratch) and make the fruit salsa.  Just before guests arrive, fry the plantains and get the rice ready to go. Once your guests arrive, you can sit outdoors and sip your Mojito while the smell of chicken wafts off the grill. Nice.

Cuban Summer Menu

Mojito Cocktail

Fried Plantain Slices

Grilled Mojo Chicken 

Fruit Salsa

Rice and Black Beans

Mojito at the Columbia Cafe

Mojito at the Columbia Cafe

Mojito Cocktail

Recipe By: A Global Garnish, LLC

4 tablespoons lime juice and lime for garnish
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
4  sprigs mint, fresh
4 ounces rum, white
4 ounces seltzer


1. In a small pitcher, mix lime juice and sugar.  

Reserve 2 mint sprigs and tear leaves from the other 2 sprigs.  Add torn leaves to the lime juice and sugar.  Divide into two tall glasses.

2. Fill glasses with ice and then add rum.  Finish with seltzer, a sprig of mint and a slice of lime in each glass.


21 thoughts on “Cuban-Style Citrus – Mojo and Mojito (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Hey lovely J – your Mojo looked seriously fab, but I gotta say a great mojito is always welcome. Especially this week.
    I can only imagine how you must be reflecting on your son’s experience in Boston yesterday. Thinking of you.

    • Thanks TSL – So you must have caught my first version of Part 2? I replaced it since it sounded so bleak. I thought I’d send everyone off to a pitcher of Mojitos. Although I must admit that writing it was a great way to vent emotions….

      • I did catch the original (while I was out and about). Isn’t blog world a small place?
        Your son looked so happy in the pic – exactly as he should have after completing a marathon. Such a tragedy – I keep seeing that little eight year old boy’s smiling face that has been in all the papers down here.

  2. That’s one tasty menu there and July is meant for mojitos. Sorry to read in the comments that your son was in Boston yesterday. That so few could wreak such pain and anguish!

    • Thanks John. Fortunately for us, my son and his friend came through the finish ahead of the blast (were well out of the area when it happened). But when I saw his race photo, ironically in front of a Boston ambulance, and thought of that ambulance treating someone else’s son less than a half hour later, I became uncharacteristically angry at whoever did this. After venting in my blog about it, I decided a happy food blog was not the place :-/, so I replaced it.

  3. So happy to know that your son and friend finished before the tragedy struck. So terrible! A pitcher of mojitos…yes, they could be in order now.

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  5. Yum! I love mojitos… they’re so deliciously refreshing, easy to drink and fantastic for a Summer’s evening in the backyard. Thanks for this gorgeous recipe. Unfortunately the mint in one of my pots died so I need to by some more (another disadvantage associated with the scorching hot temperature of Australian Summer). Oh how I wish I could win lotto one day! x

      • Haha… I wish! I’d like to have it back now… it’s been raining today and it’s rather miserable (by the way, I just scrolled up to read about your son being near the Boston bombings. SO glad that he and his friend are fine!! I am equally angry at the whole situation. So much pain and suffering). Sending you a hug x

  6. I have never been to Cuba but one time when I was in Cozumel a big current in the ocean was taking me away and if it wasn’t for a strong friend I would have been on my way to Cuba…I love mojitos and yours looks perfect. I think after the experience that you had with your son in Boston, I would have had to have several of these to calm my nerves. I am glad he is okay and pray for those who are not. Take care, BAM

  7. A favorite summer drink. I always forget that this has alcohol content and ends up with my head spinning from drinking it like lemonade. 😉

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