Blogging, Blog Awards and the Book that Wasn’t

In January of this year, my friend, Deb, encouraged me to start a blog.  We are writing a book together, and she said that a couple of blogs would get us a following for the book.  I think she really wanted to inspire progress on the book by giving me a taste for an audience. After all, I’d been dragging my feet on the book for a while.

Unfortunately for my friend, the whole thing backfired.  I’ve become so hooked on blogging that I stopped writing the book :-/   Sorry Deb.  I promise I’ll get back to it!  But before I do that, I have a responsibility to my fellow bloggers that has been hanging over my head.

Who are my “fellow bloggers”?   They are a subset of my readers — from the blogging community.    I may never meet them in person or speak to them, but I feel like I know them.

Why, I do not know, but these fellow bloggers have recently bestowed me with awards for my fledgling blog.  Hadn’t they done enough just by providing feedback??

In any case, here I am with these oh-so-nice awards.  And they did come with a few teeny-weeny requirements that I have been remiss in fulfilling.  So here I go.  I must acknowledge the bloggers who gave me the awards, pass the awards on to other bloggers and describe seven things about myself.   So, here we go:

My awards came from three of my favorite blogs:

ThisSydneyLife –  Besides oodles of talent (design, writing, photography), TSL is just plain fun.   If she lived next door, instead of Australia, I’d love to have her for a friend as I know she would provide endless entertainment and cheer.

Spoonfeast – Spoonfeast is not just a good cook, she’s a trained chef — always a bonus when combined.  Add to that thorough and well-written instructions and you have a culinary-school-in-a-blog.

CrazyTraintoTinkyTown – What can I say about CTTT?  It is like a great book that you can’t put down — excellent writing and a story that you just can’t stop reading.  CTTT either has me laughing out loud or on the verge of real tears — with her inspired stories about life in England and Turkey.

I would happily send awards back to you, but I think I’m supposed to “pay it forward”, so here goes….

First, for the One Lovely Blog Award, my favorite food blogs:

CookinginSens – Simple, creative and elegant recipes from France.  As if this weren’t enough, her photos are breathtaking.

Peri’sSpiceLadle – A very knowledgeable perspective on Indian cuisine.  Her experience with the culture, ingredients and food is evident throughout.

FromtheBartoliniKitchens– Appeals at several levels.  John’s appreciation for his Italian roots and the experiences that go with those roots make this much more than a blog on the foods of Italy.

FrugalFeeding – Shares excellent and very workable recipes.  While the cuisine is not limited to the foods of the UK, his home base in Wales brings me back to so many things I love about the cuisine in the UK.

HomeinGreece – An excellent source of recipes from Greece.  But the author covers a broad swath.  Her recent ramblings about the changing politics in Greece have been fascinating.

Travel and photography favorites for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

TheWanderlustGene – Well-written and photographed stories of life in Sri Lanka and travel elsewhere.  If you want a pictorial lesson on how to give an elephant a bath, this is the place.

BenteHaarstad – Breathtaking photos and insights into Norway‘s culture and natural environment.

GoingDutch – Astounding photography by a Filipino living in the Netherlands.

Last, but not least, for the Versatile Blogger Award, one of my favorite LOL blogs:

Housewifery – Housewifery brings us the everyday happenings of an American suburban housewife, written from the perspective of my brilliant friend (both an engineer and economist) who gave up her career to raise her family.

Finally, I’m supposed to share seven things about me. I’m sure you know enough about me from my blog, so here are seven somewhat-random thoughts:
  • It is not possible to play too much golf.
  • I love science — all science, not just my chosen field.
  • I love absolutely everything about food.
  • I’m lucky to have lived in 3 countries and 9 U.S. states.
  • I love my adopted country, England, even though they don’t know which side of the road to drive on.
  • I love travel and find it shocking that only 1/3 of Americans hold passports.
  • Life is short; pack it full ….

17 thoughts on “Blogging, Blog Awards and the Book that Wasn’t

  1. How organised are you? Great post and am looking forward to reading your nominations over a glass of çay. Thank you for your very kind words and you are so right, the baton should be passed onto other bloggers because that’s what awards are all about.
    PS Great name for a best friend LOL!

  2. Thanks – now I have some great new blogs to follow! I fear I have created a blogging monster in you and we will never write that book – or we’ll still be planning it when we’re 80 (or I’ll be 80 and you’ll be 90:)

  3. Thank you for making my day with all those lovely compliments! You know how much I love popping here in for a wee chat…

    Now, I didn’t know about the book. Get writing woman! I want to read it!

  4. Isn’t blogging wonderful? Congratulations on your awards, and for such a well organised ‘acceptance speech’ – and thank you for your nod to my blog, and your kind words. It’s always wonderful to be acknowledged in this way, isn’t it? I’ll be over to visit your other nominees right away – what a treat 🙂

  5. Congratulations on receiving these well-deserved awards. Surely, there will be more to come; better keep that acceptance speech handy. 🙂
    Thank you for both your comments and for nominating my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m honored not just by the nomination but by being placed in such great company. I hope you do not take offense but I no longer accept award nominations. This doesn’t mean, however, that i am any less grateful or do not appreciate this distinction. Thank you for your kindess.

  6. Congratulations on your blog award, they are so well deserved for your great blog about food and places (both to enjoy). And thanks a lot for nominating me. I am so honoured. See to it a bit later… 😉

    • Thank you. And just enjoy your award. If you don’t have time to award it forward, that’s OK.

      Yours is so well deserved for your amazing photos. I wish you here so you could help me with my photos. I’m still planning on getting a decent camera, but, for now, it is Iphone and a point-and-shoot :-/

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