A Pair of Blogs

My friend and I are writing a book — a cookbook of sorts — together.  So, we thought it would be fun to simultaneously start a couple of blogs to see what kind of interest we can muster.  Sounds reasonable, right?

You might say my friend Deb is the “Yin” and I am the “Yang”.  Or perhaps she is the “Yang” and I am the “Yin”.  All I know is that we are different.

In person, Deb is relatively quiet with diverse talents -an engineer by training, artistic and an excellent writer.  I am outgoing, a former scientist drawn to the corporate world since I couldn’t stand the relative isolation of a laboratory.  I am also much more structured and less creative than Deb.  So, you’d think we’d complement each other in many ways, right? You’d think our blogs would also be complentary — a bit of my technical foodie stuff and Deb’s engaging creativity, right?  Well, I thought so.

So, we linked our blogs.


Good, right?  Well, you tell me.  Here I am, starting this “serious food” blog — struggling to get some off-the-beaten-path recipes tied to a bit of perspective from my global travels.  I link it to Deb’s blog for a bit of counter culture – great writing and humor.   Still sounds good, right?

Well, the day before I publish my blog link to friends around the globe, Deb posts this story (photos included) about people with horns coming out of their heads.  Doesn’t that sound appetizing?  I can’t wait for her next post.  Road kill, perhaps?  What have I gotten myself in for???!?  I’ll bet you can’t wait for the book…..

One thought on “A Pair of Blogs

  1. Ha! and you thought the most challenging part about working with me would be the fact that I can’t cook!! You should see people’s faces when I tell them I am working on a cookbook. Anyway, I will try not to post any more gross pictures. Speaking of roadkill – one of the kids wanted to know if you cooked that seagull 🙂

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